Thursday, 11 August 2011

Flag, Indian Flag, Tiranga, Independance Day,

Flag, Indian Flag, Tiranga, Independance Day,

Indian Flag

Indian Flag is designed by Pingali Venkaya, a writer and geophysicist from Andhra Pradesh in 1916. The color and design underwent several modifications in 1921, 1931, and then in 1947 when the ‘Charka’ in the middle was replaced by the ‘Chakra’.

THE INDIAN Flag is the symbol of honor and pride to all Indians all over the world. It is affectionately called 'Tiranga' by the people of India - Tiranga means 'Three Colored' in Hindi, the national language of India.

The FLAG colors and the Navy Blue CHAKRA signify a great meaning: The flag has 3 colors the ratio division is 2:3 with the center part has a Navy blue Chakra.

1. SAFFRON: The Top Layer - This color signifies COURAGE and SELFLESSNESS. India has a history of brave and loyal freedom fighters. Saffron indicates the strength of this nation and its will to give away all for the benefit of its people. Saffron is also the color of cloth worn by Holy men of India since ancient times.

2. WHITE: The Middle Layer - This color signifies PEACE and TRUTH. A nation with diverse ethnic and cultural groups. Rich history, 22 officially recognized languages and more than 300 dialects. Some people think there are only 15 official languages because the language panel on Indian rupee banknotes display the denomination of the note in 15 of the 22 official languages of India.

3. GREEN: The Last Layer - The color signifies PROSPERITY and FERTILITY. A country ahead in every field and industry. Has names and people known for their achievement all over the world, a country that gives the best brains and population to almost every other nations' success. A success that isn't shared by most.

4. CHAKRA: the wheel in the center. Very well known as ASHOKA CHAKRA taken from the ASHOKA reign Pillar signifies Justice. The 24 Spokes signify 24 hours of a day.


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